What Students Say.

Ms. Young makes math interesting and engaging, because she’s passionate about the subject and it reflects in her teaching. She makes sure all her students understand a topic before moving on, and strives to engage all students in learning.

Christina I.

Ms. Young, you are very passionate about math and care about her students a lot (such as making sure we understand the lesson before moving onto the next) and that is what I and other students love about her. She makes the classroom an environment that is a comfortable place to learn for everyone. Learning is always fun and engaging in her class and she is always there to help and support us whenever we need it, despite the difficult challenges and circumstances.

Amanda L.

What Parents Say.

There is no other teacher at our school that who I would have chosen as my daughter’s Algebra 1 teacher. Ms. Young’s belief in her students, encouraging words, positive attitude, and patient demeanor have helped my daughter to feel less intimidated by math. I am truly thankful to Ms. Young for all that she has done for my daughter this year.

Sharon W.

You were our daughter’s first black teacher ever and she has her highest grade in your class. Our daughter has talked about you fondly all year. And you are the only teacher that our daughter has ever wanted to impress. Every school needs more teachers like you. Thank you so much for teaching our daughter.

Heather D.

What Students Say.

Ms. Young, you were one of the best teachers I had in all of my academic career. I’m not even exaggerating. I say this because you were always available and you genuinely seemed to love math. What’s more, you never seemed to be bothered, by any questions that went your away, always answering them in a cheerful way and understandable manner. Overall, Ms. Young is just an amazing teacher, and thanks for the year we had together.

Ronald C.

Ms Young is a great teacher! Whenever she taught us, she showed a great deal of enthusiasm each time and was very informative. She was very friendly and approachable so it was easy for us to ask questions. She always responded to our emails or questions as soon as she could. Her class was very informative and engaging.

Jacky Z.

What Students and Parents Say.

You have helped me as a student. What I enjoy most about your teaching methods is your amount of enthusiasm. No matter how dreadful the day may be, doing math is less of an irritation when you express how passionate you are about it right at the start of every class. From the songs you make about math, I’ve remembered the formulas a lot better than I had previous years. I know a lot of teachers who are kind and happy, but are considered the “easy A” teachers. I’m glad this was not the case with you, and you are still able to keep the work challenging.

Sharon K.

Ms Young was my daughter’s favorite math teacher at the school by a long shot. However, I feel it is much more important to note that Ms Young exemplified the best practices of communication and responsive teaching during the entire school closure this year due to Covid-19. Her constant contact during this time was warm and welcoming and provided a much needed humanity for her students.

Chris P.

What Students Say.

Since the first day of class I’ve learned a lot and improved in the topic of math. Your teaching had helped me achieve a big jump forward as I had made it to Algebra 2 Honors, and plan to take calculus before college.

Andy D.

Although my grades weren‘t the best in your class, you definitely helped me improve in math and as a person. You show your love for math and try your hardest to get your students to love it… However, that quality is something of yours I admire and is something I‘ll try to do when I become a teacher.

Daniel M.

What Students Say.

Ms. Young was there when I needed someone to talk to about my home life. When my grades got low I was happy to know that Ms. Young believed in me and knew that I was better than what my grades were showing. I didn’t have a lot of teachers like that growing up.

Becca P.

Even though we did not spend a full school year with Ms. Young, she gave us more than a year’s worth of math help and support and it will last for a long time. Ms. Young spent her time dedicated to students in dire need of supports. She helped explain the lesson for those who couldn’t grasp concepts easily. She is an amazing teacher.

Thuan T.

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