Learning Pods

Learning Pods Made Easy

Small group instruction, taught by an Ivy League expert.

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How do our Learning Pods work?

Give your student the chance to stay on track in class and stay in touch with classmates.


Continue Learning From Home

Your student will connect with handpicked experts and classmates in a truly interactive virtual classroom.

Form Your Own Group

Recruit students from the same school or class, or we will match students together of the same grade level and subject matter. You can learn with friends! Get all the social benefits of traditional school, but from your home.

Lower Cost for Everyone:

Prices low as $25/hr/student!

Meet More Frequently!

For the price of a one-on-one session, you could book up to 4 group sessions!

Have Some More Fun : )

Groups have added potential for a few more laughs along the way. I keep us focused, but learning is supposed to be enjoyable!

More Perspectives = Better Understanding

When more minds coming together learning EXPLODES. In learning pods we get different questions, and even different explanations as I may have to explain something two or three different ways until everyone understands.

What students say…

I’ve had bad luck when it came to math teachers ever since middle school. Math has never been my strong suit. But once I had algebra 2 with Ms. Young, I actually didn’t dread going through an hour of algebra every day. You made learning engaging and fun. Not only was it enjoyable but it actually motivated me to try harder in my math classes in general. Thank you Ms. Young!!

― Arianna N.

I think that you were an amazing teacher because you were always happy and you embraced our mistakes and helped us through them which is better than just saying that we were wrong. Even the little things like your songs and math dances made math class better because it was more interesting in class that way.

― Melody H.
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