Student success drives EVERYTHING we do. It is our vision to help unleash student’s highest potential in academics.

Our Mission

Infinite Mind Tutors strives to provide quality and affordable in-person and virtual test prep and tutoring services to help students achieve their academic goals by:

  1. Giving students access to an expert test prep instructor 
  2. Providing a Community Model for Learning  
  3. Utilizing innovative study motivation techniques to inspire students
  4. Building positive relationships with parents and students to ensure student success
  5. Creating leadership opportunities for students who excel 

The end result is that students achieve their desired test scores, get into their dream college and have fun in the process. Both students and their parents will feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in their student’s achievements. 

Our Vision

We seek to use the most innovative, personalized, and effective tutoring strategies. Our tutoring and test prep services engage students in not only content specific materials but also growth mindset and motivation training in a fun, caring  and inclusive environment.

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